Terra Viva is a Vibrant international community ...
focused on integration - not isolation - within the greater community

Balancing tradition with modernity, Terra Viva offers likeminded freedom loving people from around the world an opportunity to experience a first-class cultural adventure that is spiritually refreshing and inspiring.

Nestled in a pristine Alps-like setting, utterly immersed in indescribable natural beauty, Terra Viva is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Colombia just outside Medellin, "The City of Eternal Spring."

Traditional homes and villas built on spacious lots separated by trees and lush landscaping are designed to embrace sun-filled days, majestic sunsets and the daily welcoming of cool evening air that descends in late afternoon from the endless mountain ranges surrounding Terra Viva.

A fertile countryside dotted with small farms, grazing cattle pastures and small villages resounds with the laughter and music of campesinos whose families have worked this land for generations ... hard-working, friendly people who are excited to welcome into their midst Terra Viva and the many opportunities they know this community will provide for their families and their own communities.

The food is plentiful and grown naturally – healthy foods such as raw milk, fresh butter, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and eggs and, of course, fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful and the norm.

A natural paradise, Terra Viva offers a safe haven home for the future as well as an enjoyable vacation destination or main domicile now.