Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Terra Viva?

Terra Viva is located less than 2km from Tarso, a town of approximately 3,000 residents comprised of mostly campesinos, or agricultural workers. Tarso is located approximately 91 km southwest of Medellin (about 114 km from Medellin’s José María Córdova International Airport). Terra Viva is in the Central time zone (UTC/GMT -5). (Colombia does not observe daylight saving time.)

What’s the elevation at Terra Viva?

The elevation varies a bit throughout the community averaging between 1100 and 1200 meters above sea level.

What is Terra Viva’s climate?

Terra Viva’s climate is arid, usually with a nice breeze, with warm days and pleasantly cool evenings. Daytime temperatures, typically in the high-20s/low-30s, drop substantially in the early evening as the wind direction changes and the warm daytime air is refreshed with cool evening air coming off the mountains, resulting in overnight lows typically in the high-teens. Rainfall generally occurs in the evening or night-time hours, as well, at a fairly consistent 150 mm (6") per month year-round except during December through February, which are slightly dryer.

What is the driving time between Medellin and Terra Viva?

Currently, the driving time between Medellin and Terra Viva is 1.5 to 2 hours. Construction of a 4-lane divided highway from Medellin to Tarso is well underway and estimated to be fully completed in 2018; numerous bridges and several tunnels have already been finished. Once completed, the travel time between Terra Viva and Medellin is expected to be 45-60 minutes.

What local transportation options are available to residents?

As part of the shared, user-pay community amenities, Terra Viva developers have vetted and retained drivers who will often be available for hire by residents. Residents who choose not to drive their own vehicles and require transportation to Tarso, Medellin, the airport, etc. may hire these drivers, as well as use a community vehicle if desired, at an extremely reasonable rate.

What major airport serves Terra Viva?

José María Córdova International Airport in Rionegro, just outside Medellin, offers many direct daily flights to destinations in the Americas and Europe. Examples of such direct flights from Medellin and duration include Miami, 2.5 hours, NYC, 4 hours, Madrid, 9 hours.

Exactly what am I buying if I purchase a property in Terra Viva?

You are buying a property with full deed and title, no different than if you were to buy a property in Canada or the United States.

Are there restrictions on an owner’s ability to sell his/her property in the future?

No. Like any other real estate, you are free to sell your property should you choose to do so.

If I wish to sell my property in the future how can I do so?

You may sell your property yourself or retain the services of a local real estate company. There are several who work almost exclusively with international buyers seeking real estate in Colombia. High Alert can make introductions as required.

What should I expect to pay for a lot?

Initial prices for a 1-hectare lot in Phase I average between US $200,000 ‐ 300,000. As amenities are completed that price is expected to increase. As Phase I nears completion and additional amenities are added, lots available in Phase II and III are anticipated to increase further.

What should I expect to pay for a home?

A variety of housing styles that complement the community are available. Terra Viva’s developers oversee and work with several exceptional homebuilders and architects, and have created a portfolio of options available for your consideration. Similar to buying a car, there are many options and features that can be customized to suit your individual desires and needs. The cost truly depends on your choices. Certainly the cost to build a home in Colombia is substantially lower than what would be required to build or buy any home of equal value in the US, Canada or Europe – as much as 50% or more lower – and of higher quality.

How are property taxes assessed, how much are they and is payment the responsibility of individual owners or the community?

Individual homeowners are responsible for annual payment of property taxes. Property taxes are assessed by the Tarso Municipality, by its Tax Secretary Office, and are assessed at 1.6% of the tax value of the property. Notice that tax value is lower than commercial value. If the property’s tax value is US $100,000, the annual property tax would be US $1,600. Currently, the annual property tax on similar projects in the area is about US $1,000 to US $1,800.

When I buy property is the title registered in my own name?

Yes. It is registered in either your name or the name of the entity in which you have chosen to purchase the property.

How long does it take for the deed to be registered in my name?

The entire purchase process takes approximately 45 days but can be shorter.

What is the cost for deed registration and who is responsible for that cost?

There is no additional deed transfer cost. It is included in the purchase price and paid by the project developers.

How does a resident obtain a bank account in Colombia?

Terra Viva’s administrative services team provides this service as part of its overall administrative services for all community residents.

Who handles the organization of cell phones and other related conveniences for community residents?

Terra Viva’s administrative services team can also provide organizational services such as cell phones and other modern convenience services.

Who handles transportation oriented services like pick-ups and deliveries when I arrive in Colombia if I choose not to purchase or rent a car?

Terra Viva’s administrative services team also handles all transport related services for community residents.

Are there homeowners association fees and how much are they estimated to be?

There are many community services provided that benefit all residents. The estimated cost per property is less than $250 per month and is proportionately paid by all residents based on their pro rata land ownership in the community.

How often are the homeowners association fees billed?

Homeowners association fees are billed on a quarterly basis.

What utilities are provided to the homes and how are those paid?

Water service is provided both by on-site wells and water supplied from the city of Tarso.

Each home will have its own septic service.

Electrical service is 200 amp North American wiring and available to all home sites. Solar power is an extremely viable option as well.

The community provides trash service and compost collection is available, to be added to the community gardens compost bed.

Internet is available via satellite.

A centralized community bill payment service will be available to organize all these services on your behalf.

Will the community make any properties available to vacationers for short-term rentals or property owners’ visiting guests?

Owners who wish to make their homes or casitas available for short-term rental may do so through a rental pool option maintained and managed by Terra Viva property management. Residences in the rental pool will be made available for rental only to Terra Viva residents’ visiting family, friends and acquaintances.

Community-owned and operated facilities for the purposes of entertaining vacationers will not be constructed, nor will private residences be made available to tourists or vacationers. Terra Viva is a private community, not meant to be a transient vacationers’ destination. For privacy and security purposes, the property will not be open to vacationers and non-familiar persons.

How can I become a permanent resident or even a citizen of Colombia?

Terra Viva’s administrative services team can provide an introduction to an experienced team of attorneys in Colombia who specialize in working with international persons seeking residency options in Colombia. The cost of processing residency varies, depending on the type of visa/residency option being sought, but generally speaking the complete cost is approximately US $1,500.

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