A Natural Equestrian Paradise ...
where peace, tranquility and freedom flourish

Terra Viva is a community established on the premise of "voluntary exchange" – meaning that amenities and other community offerings are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. No one should expect anyone else to subsidize his or her lifestyle at Terra Viva.

That’s not to say that every little thing one does at Terra Viva requires payment – nothing of the sort! You are not going to pay a cost in addition to your standard HOA fee to head to the fitness center for a workout, take in a match at the tennis court or play a friendly game at the community croquet court. These, along with many other amenities, are the types of low-maintenance-cost community offerings that are available for us all to enjoy.

However there are amenities and services that will be user-pay, such as:

✓ spa services
✓ horseback riding, language and dance lessons
✓ community stable rentals
✓ community organized external activities

The whole concept behind Terra Viva is to create a community in which we all share in a plethora of ways to potentially spend our time, but not to create overwhelming infrastructure that requiresexpensive ongoing maintenance costs, which serve to drive up HOA costs.

For example, you will not find golfing – other than of the miniature type – at Terra Viva. Besides being expensive to build and maintain, not everyone golfs and we do not believe those who don’t should be subsidizing the lifestyle of those who do. There are fantastic golf and country clubs in the greater Medellin area that can more than aptly satisfy those with the need to hit the links!

What we are planning for Terra Viva is a bountiful array of first class amenities and community offerings that integrate the natural equestrian lifestyle of the region with a balanced portfolio ofmodern activities and services. For a complete list of all proposed lifestyle amenities, view the amenity list beside the property map below.